hi, my name is sylbeth and i don't know what to write here.

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i have only 3 weeks of university life left and i’m so depressed

i don’t want to face the world T_T





this is my first experience with anything kamen rider

two minutes in and its already fucking incredible

there’s a growing fourze fanbase on tumblr i dont know about.

I need to watch it in full but I suspect that Fourze may be the most accessible to American audiences. 

Definitely! It probably helps that Fourze draws inspiration from and directly uses tropes and cliches from american high school as presented in western media

and then, as that one other post put it so elegantly, throws in a shonen protagonist fuck shit up to break, deconstruct, and unite those tropes 

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I think the meaning of life is to realize that the question “What is the meaning of life?” is not a very meaningful question.
Philosophy of Mind professor (via philosophyprofessorquotes)
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A L L  T H I N G S  N I K I T A
↳ Characters - Roan “The Terminator”

it’s your job to track nikita. my job starts when you find her.

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy | “How can I save the colony when I couldn’t even save you? No, Zika, I am not the warrior I once was. That man was destroyed long ago.”